Fall Bowling Leagues in Novi


Looking for something fun to do this fall in Novi? Visit Novi Bowl and join one of our fun bowling leagues! No matter what type of bowler you are, we have a league for you. At Novi Bowl we offer a wide array of leagues to choose from such as:

  • Men’s Bowling Leagues
  • Women’s Bowling Leagues
  • Mixed Bowling Leagues
  • Senior Bowling Leagues
  • Youth Bowling Leagues

Reasons To Join A Bowling League At Novi Bowl

One of the main reasons to join a bowling league is just plain fun and gets you out of the house. Each league is tailored towards certain groups of bowlers. For example some leagues are just for bad bowlers and others are youth and adult leagues were you can bowl with your kids. Most leagues operate with a handicap system, so if one team is full of 300 bowlers, do not worry you still have a chance with the handicap.

The social aspect of a bowling league is always a big bonus. Some people become life long friends after meeting at a bowling league. Another great part of a bowling league is your chance to win money! Many leagues offer 50/50 raffles, lucky strike, and other incentives for your to win money while you bowl.

Bowling is a family friendly sport that you can do with the whole family. You cannot play football with grandma, but you can bowl together! Another reason people like to join bowling leagues is the exercise factor. Getting out the house and bowling once a week does make for some decent exercise.

So when you are searching for a fun activity to do all fall, come join a league at Novi Bowl.  Novi Bowl is located at 21700 Novi Road in Novi. We have great facilities and professional bowling lanes with a fully stocked bar and food choices. Enjoy great times on a bowling league this fall with your friends and family at Novi Bowl!


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