Fantasy Football Draft

Fantasy Football Party

It is August and for all of us Fantasy Football Fanatics, we know what that means, it is DRAFT TIME! A majority of fantasy football drafts are held in August, that time to meat up again with all the members of your league and talk trash about beating one another!

Every draft party needs great food, a large area to hold the draft and hopefully some beer! So if your league is looking for a great place to hold you Fantasy Football Draft, come to Novi Bowl!

Novi Bowl has large facilities for you to hold your draft. Novi Bowl also has a large bar and lounge for all your fellow league members to spread and enjoy the draft. Of course along with the space there is plenty of adult beverages you can order to quench your thirst.

Catering is also available, Novi Bowl has a large variety of foods to choose from to help feed all of though hungry fantasy owners. Make you r next Fantasy Draft a huge success and call Novi Bowl today at 248-348-9120. The road to victory in Fantasy Football starts with a great draft!


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