Holiday Party Rental Spaces in Novi

Holiday Party Rental SpacesWhen you’re in charge of the company or family holiday party, the same old same old won’t cut it. While renting out a bar or a private restaurant room is an easy fix, you don‘t want to worry about entertaining your large group at the same time.

You want a rental event space that can host large numbers of guests and keep them fed and entertained at the same time. We here at Novi bowl understand the pains that are involved with party planning, which is why we are here to help! 

Holiday Party Rental Spaces in the Novi area

There are many ways that you can entertain your large group or birthday guests, and Novi bowl we are experts! Bowling is a great social activity that can entertain large groups of guests in a friendly and warm environment!

Bowling parties are a great way to entertain large groups and are more cost-effective than renting out a banquet hall. We here at Novi bowl have been providing awesome parties for kids, adults, and office parties for over forty years. We have the experience and knowhow to make your holiday event a smash hit!

Holiday Party Space Rental in Novi

Get ahead of the holiday rush by booking your holiday party venue. Get your family, employees, or party guests in one place with our party rooms and banquet menu! We will host, feed, and entertain your guests in a convenient package price. We can handle corporate events or kids birthday parties with ease. You can order your private party a la carte with options of a private room, banquet menu, or a game or two of bowling for your guests.

Novi bowl can be the perfect Holiday Party Rental Spaces for your next family gathering or company party. We have some of the best private dining space in the Novi, Farmington Hills, and Wixom area. We take pride in our banquet menus and will work with your guests to ensure they’ll be happily fed! So don’t wait to book your holiday party venue… call us today or book online


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