Party At Novi Bowl This Spring

I think it’s safe to speak for most seniors when I say that it’s been a long time comin’. Every year, at this time, seniors suffer through early wake-ups, lack of sleep and they anxiously count down the days until final exams are over. However, for the first time in their lives, they’ll soon (if they have not already) be able to experience what it feels like to enjoy a fun-filled summer. To top it off, this will be the first time in their lives that they will not be returning back to school in the fall. Therefore, when they leave, it’ll be for good. And, what better way to celebrate the honoree than to reserve for a party at Novi Bowl!Reserve graduation bowling party

Graduations, Birthdays, Weddings Galore!

Novi Bowl has been in business since 1978. Specializing in customizing group and corporate events, they offer wholesome entertainment and recreation for families and friends. Are you a recent graduate, about to graduate from high school/college soon or know of someone who is? Novi Bowl is the perfect place to throw a graduation party! Not only does Novi Bowl accommodate the needs of their customers, but they also make sure that your satisfaction is met. Along with hosting graduation parties, Novi Bowl assists in other events, such as:


  • Youth and adult birthday parties (bumpers available for the little ones)
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette parties
  • Class reunions
  • Company meetings
  • Church groups
  • Retirement parties


Parties and Bowling at Novi Bowl Now

As the weather heats up, now is the perfect time to start planning spring/summer activities for you, your family members and your friends. No more staying in the house, playing video games or watching t.v.–contact Novi Bowl today to sign up for your upcoming grad, bachelor/bachelorette or birthday party today! Interested in joining one of our leagues? Sign up here.


Our goal is to provide excellent service at all times, so we hope that you choose Novi Bowl for your next special event.

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