The Fun You Have In A Bowling League

The new bowling league season is in full swing here at Novi bowl! We’re excited to see familiar old teams and welcome in new teams too! While we know how much fun a bowling league is and what it can do for a group of people, some people don’t know.  We wanted to tell you our favorite reasons to join a bowling league at Novi Bowl here are our top 3 reasons to sign up this fall!

3 reasons why you should join a bowling league

3 Reasons To Join A Bowling League:

1- A bowling league gives you a reason to get out of the house and see your friends.

Life gets busy, and sometimes you lose contact with your buddies or close family. Making a commitment to a bowling league not only gets you out of the house, but it also gives you a chance to see you closest friends. How many times have you canceled or rescheduled on your buddy due to work, kids, or other life factors? If you all join a bowling league together you’re guaranteed to see them every week while enjoying a great American pastime: Bowling.

2- Get to better at bowling in a competitive setting

If you think that your bowling game is off the charts, come put that to the test in our bowling league! You get to challenge you and your bowling skills against other talented players and see how you stack up. For those of us who enjoy competition and playing against others, a bowling league is perfect for you! You can make it as serious or as fun as you want, no pressure!

3- You Get To Bowl Every Week

Probably the best reason (in our book) to join a league, getting to bowl regularly! Whether you want a women’s or men’s league, mixed, senior, or youth league, there is a group for you! You’ll get to hang out and make new friends while enjoying the best sport ever – bowling.

No matter your skill or level of play, there is a league for you! See our list of our fall bowling leagues on our website, then call and get your team signed up! So what are you waiting for? Get your team together today!


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