We Want to Host Your Next Fundraiser!

Are you looking for a way to raise funds for a cause? Many residents of Novi and surrounding communities love to bowl. It is a sport that will always be around as many have a deep passion for bowling. Why not expand your fundraising opportunities and make a bowling event your source of funds for your charity!

We have hosted events such as personal fundraisers for those in need of assistance with medical bills, school fundraisers, church events, even community centers have reached out to us to use our facility. We take pride in helping the community and want to help you with your fundraising needs as well!

If you haven’t been to Novi Bowl before, we offer bowling, our lounge; Lane 41, bumper bowling, birthday party hosting, youth camps, bowling leagues for youth and adults, as well as arcades and entertainment. It is the one stop shop to having an exciting fundraiser in Michigan!

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